OPEX Fitness DNA Bundle

OPEX Fitness DNA Bundle

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The OPEX Fitness DNA bundle will get you started on a DNA journey to help optimize your training, performance, and nutrition:

1. Athletigen DNA Collection Kit

  • This easy-to-use swab will unlock the power of your DNA so you can improve your nutrition, performance, and recovery.

2. Nutrition Report

  • With insights for over 40 nutrients, the Nutrition Report provides a comprehensive overview of how your DNA influences your body's response to your diet.

    3. Athletic Report

    • This is an extensive guide that delivers DNA insights to optimize your training. With traits covering muscular fitness, recovery, sleep, and aspects of power/endurance performance, the Athletic Report is a comprehensive audit of your athletic genes.

    4. Welcome Report

    • The Welcome Report gives you a glimpse of the knowledge you can attain with the help of Athletigen and you