OPEX Fitness DNA Bundle - Exclusive to Pilot Coaches

OPEX Fitness DNA Bundle - Exclusive to Pilot Coaches

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Thank you all for participating in this project to evaluate DNA coach education for the OPEX network. This first step in the process is to test your DNA and then provide you with your personal reports. While free to you, this is the same step your clients will go through, so the experience is part of the education. 

While you wait for your DNA test to return, we will be providing you with learning materials and various other resources to become skilled in using DNA insights in your practice.  Please follow the instructions to receive the OPEX Fitness DNA bundle to get you started on a DNA journey to help optimize your - and your clients’ - training, performance, and nutrition:

1. Athletigen DNA Collection Kit

  • This easy-to-use swab will unlock the power of your DNA so you can improve your nutrition, performance, and recovery.

2. Nutrition Report

  • With insights for over 40 nutrients, the Nutrition Report provides a comprehensive overview of how your DNA influences your body's response to your diet.

    3. Athletic Report

    • This is an extensive guide that delivers DNA insights to optimize your training. With traits covering muscular fitness, recovery, sleep, and aspects of power/endurance performance, the Athletic Report is a comprehensive audit of your athletic genes.

    4. Welcome Report

    • This bonus report gives you a glimpse of the knowledge you can attain with the help of Athletigen and you. The Welcome report profiles a selection of traits from all of Athletigen’s reports.