Performance & Recovery Package - Reports Only

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Give the gift of DNA!

Save 50% on our Performance & Recovery Reports Package!

If you already have a DNA file from 23andMe (Health + Ancestry) or AncestryDNA, you can upload your DNA file for free and use it to generate Athletigen's reports!

Note: Please create an Athletigen account and upload your DNA before buying the Performance & Recovery Package.

This bundle will unlock the power of your DNA and will allow you to optimize your training and recovery. For only $49.99 you'll receive:

Optimum Movement and Recovery Report

  • Developed in partnership with Dr. Kelly Starrett and the experts at MobilityWOD, this is your DNA-fuelled guide to recovery and injury prevention.

    ALTIS Sport Performance Report

    • Developed in partnership with the Olympic coaches at ALTIS, get expert advice and recommendations based on your DNA that will help you optimize your training and performance.

      Please note that it could take up to one business day for both reports to become available in your Athletigen account.