RVX Kit + Athletics Report

RVX Kit + Athletics Report

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Includes a deposit on a DNA Collection kit. Full cost of genotyping and report to be invoiced at $260 per DNA analysis upon our labs receiving the kit and the customer registering their kit's barcode on our online platform. 

Please inform us by emailing contact@athletigen.com when you are ready to send a kit back to the labs, indicating the kit barcode and the email of the kit customer, and we will send a mailing label directly to your customer to ship their kit back to our labs.  

Once your customer is ready to return their kit, simply have them make an account on athletigen.com (click the Start button) and register their kit's barcode. Failure to make an account and register a barcode will result in the kit being rejected by the lab and your customer may have to submit a new kit at cost ($20). If in doubt, contact us immediately. 

By ordering your kits you agree to the terms and conditions set out above.