Sänus Health + Performance Bundle

Sänus Health + Performance Bundle

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The Sänus Health + Performance Bundle will show you how your DNA affects your nutrition, health, and athletic performance:

1. Athletigen DNA Collection Kit

  • This easy-to-use swab will unlock the power of your DNA so you can improve your nutrition, performance, and recovery.

2. Nutrition Report

  • With insights for over 40 nutrients, Athletigen's Nutrition Report provides a comprehensive overview of how your DNA influences your body's response to your diet.

3. Wellness Report

  • The Wellness Report has been designed to help you find the underlying cause of your health risks so that you can make small lifestyle changes to help improve your overall health and wellbeing.

4. Athletic Report

  • With traits covering muscular fitness, recovery, sleep, and aspects of power/endurance performance, the Athletic Report is a comprehensive audit of your athletic genes.

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