Sänus Premium Bundle

Sänus Premium Bundle

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The Sänus Premium Bundle will show you how your DNA affects your performance, injury prevention and recovery, and nutrition:

1. Athletigen DNA Collection Kit

  • This easy-to-use swab will unlock the power of your DNA so you can improve your nutrition, performance, and recovery.

2. Nutrition Report

  • With insights for over 40 nutrients, Athletigen's Nutrition Report provides a comprehensive overview of how your DNA influences your body's response to your diet.

3. ALTIS Sport Performance Report

  • Developed in partnership with the Olympic coaches at ALTIS, get expert advice and recommendations based on your DNA that will help you optimize your training and performance.

4. Optimum Movement and Recovery Report

  • Developed in partnership with Dr. Kelly Starrett and the experts at MobilityWOD, this is your DNA-fuelled guide to recovery and injury prevention.

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